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Chinese Medicine & Natural Beauty

A presentation and academic study by Professor Shulan Tang.

Theory and practice of facial rejuvenation by Prof. Shulan Tang.

- Good Health

- Youthful Appearance

- Reflection of Qi, Blood, Essence and Shen

- Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Diet and Lifestyle.

If all the organs are functioning properly, then the Qi and Blood sufficient, one's complexion will radiate power and vitality.


Facial Acupuncture

Extra Points: Ying Tang , Yu Yao, Bi Tong,  Jia Chen Jiang, Qian Zhen.

Large Intestine: LI19 (He Liao) , LI20 ( Ying Xiang )

Stomach: ST4( Di Cang ) , ST6 ( Jia Che ) ,  ST7 ( Xia Guan)  ST8 ( Tou Wei ) 

Small Intestine: ST18(Quan Liao ), ST19 ( Ting Gong )

Bladder: BL2 ( Zhuan Zhu ) 

San Jiao: SJ23 ( Si Zhu Kong )

Gallbladder:  GB2 ( Ting Hui ) , GB3 ( Shang Guan )

Ren: Ren 24 (Chen Jiang)

Du: Du 25 (Shu Liao), Du 26(Ren Zhong)

Each time chose 10-12 points on the face, use facial needles (0.16X7 mm) with oblique or transverse needling technique.



Cause: Deficiency of Qi and Blood of Chong & Ren Mai with simultaneous Qi and Blood stasis.

Treatment principles: Regulate Qi and Blood of Chong Mai & Ren Mai by tonifying  Qi and Blood and Remove Blood stasis.

Prescriptions:  Ba Zhen Tang , Gui Pi Tang, Fu Ke Yang Rong Tang 

Acupuncture Points:  Ren 4, Ren 6, SP10, ST25, ST36.

External Application: San Ren Gao.


Dry skin and wrinkles

Cause: Blood heat &Yin deficiency, Liver Qi Stagnation with Liver Yang rising

Treatment principle: Cool Blood, Nourish Yin to moisten the skin.

Prescriptions:  Zhi Yin Tang, Jin Ju Di Dan Tang, Xia Sang Ju Cha

Acupuncture points: KI3, KI6, SP6, SP10, Lu7, Lu9

External Application:  Shan Hua Gao

Dry skin and wrinkles.png

Pale and withered complexion

Cause: Deficiency of Qi and Blood, insufficiency of Spleen and Kidney.

Treatment principle: Strengthen Spleen and Kidney, Tonify Qi & Blood 

Prescriptions: Shi Quan Da Bu Tang, Ba Zhen Yi Mu Tang

Acupuncture Points: DU20, SP10, ST25, ST36, Ren4, Ren6.

External Application:  Fu Rong Gao

Pale and withered complexion.png

Puffy facial swelling

Cause: Kidney Yang failing to evaporate water, Spleen Qi failing to transform water

Treatment principle: Warm Kidney and Spleen Qi, Eliminate dampness.

Prescriptions:  Wu Pi Yin  , Shen Ling Bai Zhu San,, Jin Ku Shen Qi Tang, Jian Pi Wan. 

Acupuncture points: ST25, ST36, ST40, SP9, BL23, BL24       

External Application: Huang Qi Gao

Puffy facial swelling.png

Red Face

Cause: Excessive Blood heat, which is rising up to the face.

Treatment principle: Clear heat to cool the Blood. Nourish Yin to moisten the skin.

Prescriptions:  Jin Ju Di Dan Wan  , Fu Fang An Chuang Wan,  Xia Sang Ju Cha

Acupuncture points: LI4, LI11, Lu7, SP10, SP6, Liv3.

External Application:  Mei Gui Gao

Red Face.png

Shadows around eyes

Cause: Kidney Yin deficiency failing to nourish eyes.

Treatment Principle: Nourish Kidney & Liver Yin to brighten the eyes.

Prescriptions:   Qi Ju Di Dan Tang , Liu Wei Di Huang Tang, Ming Mu Di Huang Wan

Acupuncture Points: KI3, KI6, GB37, Ren 4, Ren 6, SP10

External Application: Gou Qi Gao

Shadows around eyes.png

Gua Sha

  • Gua Sha is another method used to keep the natural beauty of complexion

  • Put rose essence cream (or other moistening cream) onto the face to protect the skin

  • Using a Gua Sha board, gently scrape the face from inner side to outside and from below to above.

Gua Sha.png

Dietary advice

  • There is no one food that is good for everyone in the full range of body constitutions. 

  • Generally speaking, if one is a hot person, one should avoid ingesting anything that is hot and spicy, such as alcohol, lamb or beef, chocolate or coffee and one should also avoid smoking. This person should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. 

  • If one is a cold person, one should avoid eating cold and damp foods, such as ice cream, yogurt, ice cubes in drinks etc. and this person should eat more warm food, and drink warming beverages such as ginger tea etc.

  • Listed on the following slides are some neutral common ingredients that can be used for most people:

Dietary Advice.png

Gou Qi Zi

  • Sweet and neutral, 

  • Tonifies Kidney essence, nourishes the brain, tonifies Liver yin and brightens the eyes. 

  • It can be eaten as a snack, or infused to make a herbal tea. 

  • It can also be an ingredient in soup or can be added to the morning cereal. 

Gou Qi Zi.PNG

Hong Zao

  • Sweet and warm, 

  • Tonifies the Spleen and Stomach, nourishes blood and also reddens and moistens the lips. 

  • Eat it as snack or infuse to make a herbal tea. 

  • Hong Zao can also be included in soup or porridge.

Hong zao.PNG

Shan Yao

  • Sweet and neutral

  • Tonifies the Spleen, Stomach, Lung and Kidney. 

  • Smoothing, softening and whitening the skin, it can be cooked with rice or put into a dessert.

Shan Yao.PNG

Bai He

  • Sweet and slightly cool

  • Bai He nourishes the Yin of the Lung and Heart and calms the Shen, preventing wrinkles. 

  • Include it as an ingredient in cakes, desserts or porridge.

Bai He.PNG

Mei Gui Hua

  • Sweet, slightly bitter and warm

  • Mei Gui Hua soothes Liver Qi, calms the Shen, enters the Blood to treat red spots or brown patches on the face. 

  • Infuse to make a herbal tea. 

Mei Gui Hua.jpeg

Summary 1

  • A key element of looking after one’s appearance depends on skin care, in particular, facial skin care (cleansing, toning and moisturizing).

  • However, TCM believes that a youthful appearance is also dependent on the state and function of the internal organs.

  • In addition to the previous discussion on the internal organs, please also remember:


Summary 2

  • A healthy Spleen depends on a healthy diet

  • A healthy Lung depends on fresh air

  • A healthy Liver depends on a relaxed mood

  • A healthy Heart depends on the moderation of joy fun

  • A healthy Kidney depends on the moderation of sexual activity

Healthy summary - PPT.png
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