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Masters Degree and Phd Courses
Cooperation with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

3 Year Course


Enrolment Majors:

Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Clinical basis of traditional Chinese medicine

TCM medical history literature


Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine Surgery

Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedics

TCM Gynecology

TCM Pediatrics

Five Senses of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Massage

Chinese Medicine Engineering

Basics of Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine

Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine Clinic

Integrative Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Rehabilitation



Medical Technology

 Application qualifications

(1) Applicants should be of non-Chinese nationality and in good health

(2) Must have a bachelor's degree or above, or a bachelor's degree.

(3) Generally under the age of 65 (recommended by our school's long-term cooperation unit, and those with strong academic ability can relax the age limit appropriately), and in good health.

 (4) The Chinese proficiency of applicants for Chinese-taught programs must reach the new HSK5 level with a score of 180 or above (this requirement is not required for those who have completed secondary and (or) higher education with Chinese as the medium); It is not required, and the TOEFL score of applicants whose native language is not English-speaking is not lower than 90 or the IELTS score is not lower than 6.5.

(5) Applicants with a non-Chinese medicine background need to have an undergraduate education background in medicine or related sciences, and have a certain degree of independent learning ability and scientific research ability of professional knowledge of Chinese medicine.

Application information

 (1) "Application Form for Master and Doctoral Students of Shulan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine"

(2) "Business Form for Instructors of Shulan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Accept Foreign Master's Studies"

 (3) Scanned copy of personal ordinary passport (passport must be valid within 6 months from the date of submission of application);

4) Frontal photo without frame and hat within 6 months (background colour is white or blue, 3.5*5.4 cm; pixel: 626*413, file size: 100-500K)

 (5) Scanned copies of the highest academic qualifications and (or) degree certificates: if the applicant is a graduate, a scanned copy of the graduation certificate and (or) degree certificate must be submitted; A scanned copy of the certificate; if the applicant obtained the academic certificate abroad, if necessary, a scanned copy of the notarized copy of the academic certificate must be submitted according to the requirements of the school; if the academic certificate provided by the applicant is in a text other than Chinese or English, a certified Scanned copy of notarized Chinese or English translation. After admission, all students must provide original academic certificates for verification.

(6) Scanned copies of transcripts at the undergraduate (or higher) stage: a scanned copy of the transcript signed by the school where the graduate graduated is required; if the applicant is a proof of academic qualifications obtained abroad, if necessary, it must be approved by the school It is required to submit a scanned copy of the notarized document; if the transcript provided by the applicant is in a text other than Chinese or English, a notarized scanned copy of the Chinese or English translation must be submitted. After admission, all students must provide original transcripts for verification.

(7) Scanned copy of language (Chinese or English) proficiency test results: applicants for Chinese-taught programs should provide a copy of the HSK certificate (not required for those who have completed secondary and (or) higher education in Chinese); applicants for English-taught programs should provide Proof of TOEFL or IELTS scores (not required for native English speakers).

(8) To apply for a full-time master's degree, a scanned copy of the "Recommendation Letter" of an associate professor or above professional title expert is required
Applicants for part-time master’s degree programs should provide two “Recommendation Letters” written in Chinese or English by experts with titles of associate professors or above

(9) Published academic papers or academic achievements (if any)

(10) A scanned copy of the bank remittance certificate of the application fee (if the application fee is paid by bank transfer, please indicate the applicant’s passport name and application number in the remittance postscript; if the application fee is paid by online transfer, please keep the screenshot of the successful payment, and Indicate the applicant's passport name and application number on the screenshot)

(11) Financial guarantee certificate (bank deposit certificate can be provided, the amount can cover the tuition and living expenses during the study in China; or relevant movable property, real property certificate, etc.)

(12) Certificate of no criminal record (you can sign a letter of commitment with the school for no criminal record)

(13) Incomplete application materials above will not be accepted, and application materials sent by email will be invalid. In addition, the school may require applicants to submit supplementary materials according to the situation.

(14) After the applicant is admitted, he must bring the original documents for verification when he comes to the school to report. If it is found to be inconsistent with the content of the application materials, the school has the right to cancel the applicant's admission qualification. If proof of financial ability is required, the school will notify you separately.

(15) Applicants for the Chinese Government Scholarship should submit the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. After being admitted, applicants must bring the original health certificate (physical examination certificate) for verification when they come to the school to register; if they have chronic diseases, they must be informed in advance. If there are chronic diseases that are not sure whether they can be admitted, please confirm with the school before submitting the application .

(16) The application fee will not be refunded for reasons such as incomplete application materials or rejection of admission after the application materials are accepted, or students voluntarily giving up the entrance examination or registration, etc.


    Within the prescribed academic system, students complete the course study in accordance with the regulations of the training program, pass the grades, complete the graduation (degree) thesis, pass the thesis defense and formally publish academic papers within the prescribed academic system, and be awarded a graduation certificate. In line with the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Academic Degrees" and approved by the school's degree evaluation committee, a master's degree certificate can be awarded.

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